Date Posted

May 16, 2024


United States

Job Type

Customer Contract


Masters Degree





Tax Terms

C2C, W-2, 1099



Job Description

Job Title: Senior Developer – Large Language Model (LLM) Implementation
Location: Remote
Duration: Long-term
Job Details:
As a Senior Developer focused on Large Language Model (LLM) implementation, you will be responsible for integrating and leveraging existing large language models to create and enhance solutions for personalized interactions and automated processes. This position emphasizes a high level of technical expertise (90%) with a modest requirement for business acumen (10%), aimed at deploying scalable LLM-based applications within a retail telecom company's ecosystem. The role demands proficiency in utilizing large language models from ecosystems such as Google's and OpenAI, including the application and management of open-source models available on platforms like Hugging Face.
Key Responsibilities:
Implement and integrate large language models to develop advanced systems for personalized customer interactions and support automation, focusing on scalability and effectiveness.
Utilize and adapt open-source LLMs, ensuring they are optimized for specific consumer requirements and the company's technical infrastructure.
Work collaboratively with the customer experience team to identify opportunities for LLM application that enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction.
Employ prompt engineering to refine and enhance model interactions, ensuring outputs meet the nuanced needs of the telecom retail sector.
Manage the deployment, hosting, and scaling of LLM solutions, focusing on reliability, performance, and security.
Required Skills and Experience:
Proficient in the implementation and integration of large language models, with a strong understanding of their capabilities and limitations.
Experience with managing and customizing LLMs, including those hosted on platforms like Hugging Face, and deploying them in a scalable manner.
Strong technical skills in programming and script writing, ideally with proficiency in languages commonly used in LLM environments (e.g., Python).
Familiarity with cloud computing services and architectures, particularly in the context of deploying and scaling LLM applications.
Effective communication skills to collaborate with both technical and non-technical teams, translating complex technical solutions into understandable terms.
Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in the retail telecom sector or a related field, with a good understanding of customer experience challenges and digital engagement strategies.
Background in working with the Google and OpenAI ecosystems, especially in applying their LLMs to real-world applications.
Demonstrated ability to work on cross-functional projects, particularly those involving the integration of LLM technology to enhance customer service and operational efficiency.
A portfolio of projects showcasing successful LLM implementations that have led to measurable improvements in customer engagement or operational processes.