Date Posted

April 2, 2024


United States

Job Type

Customer Contract


Masters Degree





Tax Terms

C2C, W-2, 1099



Job Description

Job Title: MUMPS Developer
Location: Remote
Duration: Long-term
Required Skills:
Experience programming in MUMPS / Cache' (IRIS), should also be fluent in html and JavaScript, and have a knowledge of web security
Job Duties:
Resources will work as part of an existing team, supporting an existing application platform and contributing to efforts working on potential modernization enhancements such as:
Supporting conversion of mainframe screens to modern web screens into a new graphical user interface (GUI) that will provide end users with the same functionality as the current menu options.
Implementing concept of work queues where users log onto the system and are presented with a list of assigned tasks where the system assigns work items to staff based on a predefined set of criteria.
Consolidation of databases to eliminate redundant databases and use a central database. This would require that screens and reports to be modified to limit the data a user can access. In addition to code changes, there will likely be some work required to consolidate the data into a central database.
Implementing a source control solution for the code base.
Enhancing audit functions to comply with user access requirements.