Date Posted

May 8, 2024


United States

Job Type

Customer Contract


Masters Degree





Tax Terms

C2C, W-2, 1099


12 months

Job Description

Job Title: Cloudflare Administrator
Location: Remote
Duration: 12 months
Provide expert engineering support on Cloudflare solutions.
Assist in designing and deploying scenarios for various Cloudflare offerings, including:
WAF managed Ruleset and OWASP ruleset + optimization
Cloudflare Firewall + rate limit and application DoS policies
Cloudflare page rules and transform rules + custom solutions
Bot management solutions and threat scoring optimizations
Cloudflare SSL Certificate options and management
Cloudflare SSL for SaaS Cloudflare DNS Management, etc.
Onboard and implement web security best practices on websites using Cloudflare core solutions.
Optimize, deliver, and cache performance with Cloudflare Core solutions.
Provide thought leadership on securing a wide variety of origin applications.
Resolve unhealthy security tools and handle security incidents.
Support customers in general cloud security & compliance recommendations.
Guide customers on testing and troubleshooting security tools as implemented.
Assist DevOps teams in the development of products and services where required.
Required Skills:
Some hands-on experience with Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.
Proven experience in the implementation of CDN tools.
Experience with deployment and operation of Cloud WAF and Bot Management Technologies for protecting Web Applications.
This role demands a Cloudflare Administrator with expertise in designing, deploying, and optimizing various Cloudflare solutions. The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform, along with proven experience in implementing CDN tools and managing web security using Cloudflare solutions.